Macau, China; January 01, 2017          Photo by Gregorio “Peck” Hurtado


The Golden Figure was started in September 2017 to share and express ideas about fashion, art, travel, and design.

My name is Ricardo Martinez.  I live and work in El Paso, Texas.  After many years of poring over books, magazines, and blogs pertaining to fashion, art, travel, and design, I wanted to take a more active role by documenting my own ideas via this blog.

My blog aims to focus mainly on peoples’ dress.  I want to be able to capture a person’s style, not only from my own personal point of view of what I find interesting, but also from an anthropological sense of what people wear at any given time in any particular part of the world.

Through my lens I strive to capture the beautiful, perhaps the ugly, never the pretty.

About the name “The Golden Figure”: Years ago I was signed up on the dating site match dot com. When I had to come up with a name for my profile, my full name was taken and the only thing that popped into my head at the time was the poem “The Great Figure” by William Carlos Williams. So, I typed “The Great Figure” and that name was taken, too. So what I did was I ended up combining some of the words of the poem to “The Golden Figure.” Years passed and I had cancelled my subscription to that dating site almost as soon as I had started it. When I signed up for Instagram in 2014, I had to come up with a name once more. My name was taken, of course, and the funny thing, though, was that Instagram gave me a few suggestions. The first suggestion was “The Golden Figure.” I liked the ring of it, so I kept it. It also annoyed me some because obviously that stupid dating site had sold off my information.