El Paso, Texas; Chalk the Block 2018



This look is all about coordinating in a not-so-obvious way. Besides the pairing helmets, notice they both wear suede chelsea boots and the color red.


The elements of cool: the huge cowboy hat, the braids, the bomber jackets, and the suede chelsea boot with the Cuban heel, which always looks very rock-star with fitted jeans.
This look is all about timeless classics: the hat, the oxford shirt, the jeans (updated to today’s times with a frayed hem). These pieces all looked stylish years ago, and they continue to look stylish today. Also, the digital watch is a great touch and fresh alternative to the more popular Apple watch.

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Chiangmai, Thailand; The Old City Walls

This festive look is about summer and vacation time. The colorful pompom sandals really stand out and makes the whole outfit look cheerful. Notice how she complements the sandals with the bag and hat. Adding to the circular motif seen on her sandals and purse is the print on her dress. Finally, the ombre color in her hair is a nice detail that celebrates her beauty and youth.


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